Clientele Funeral Dignity Plan



Why Do You Need Funeral cover?

If you do not have a burial coverage then your family would have to settle all costs from you memorial service and burial out of their pockets, and the thing is that it is very expensive. You do not want your loved ones to have financial worries and problems.

And, with burial insurance you can choose everything that you want to have. You can have a memorial service that is respectable and would give the family peace.

With Clientele there are two dignity plans to choose from. The general funeral dignity plan and then the ultimate dignity plan. Their plans start at R190 p/m.

First mentioned plan benefits include more than R110 000 cover for your family, coverage for up to 13 people, 24h payout, you get an grocery benefit and then there will be a 24h helpline, a professional will guide you through all the arrangements and help you were they can.

Second plan, the ultimate plan, includes the following benefits – R100 000 cover per person, up to R500 000 family cover, cover 3 kids without any other costs, 24h payout, free airtime (R200), includes benefits as groceries and transport, also a 24h line that will assist you with the funeral.

You can get one on this site today… Just supply your information on the form and quotes would be sent to you or a broker will contact you…